Loyalty Points

We thought of rewarding our customers for their loyalty by rewarding those points each time they share us on the social media or refer us to their friends!

But, how shall you go about it?



  1. If you are a new customer to our site, we award you 3000 points when you sign up
  2. These points will be reflected in your account and you can use it while making purchase.
  3. 100 loyalty points are equivalent to 1 rupee
  4. Your account information after registration would look like this
  5. You can check your loyalty points in the section – “MY REWARD POINTS”




  1. You get to earn 2000 points by asking your friend/relative to sign up either via an email
  2. Being a new customer if your friend/customer signs up on your reference then you can earn 2000 points on each sign up from different people.
  3. This implies, the more you share the more you earn
  4. These points gets collected in your account exclusively. These points get collected in your respective accounts wherein you can constantly keep a check on it.
  5. First log in to your account and opt for “My Invitation” from the left column. The page will look like this –
  6. Put the email id of your friend/relatives and type a message –
  7. Scroll down and click on –
  8. Your friend/relative will receive a mail with the link which will let you earn 2000 points for their sign up and they will earn 3000 points for sign up.




  1. Points once redeemed cannot be cancelled
  2. Points cannot be converted into money
  3. These points cannot be discounted
  4. Company holds the right to change terms and conditions anytime
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