Buy Organic Gram Whole ( Chana / Harbhara ) 2KG

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Buy Organic Gram Whole ( Chana / Harbhara ) 2KG

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Our products are free from any pesticides or other chemicals. The organic gram whole is tastiest and easier to make. Avail the discount up to 15% on the bulk buy of organic gram whole. Being power packed with various nutrients the organic gram whole tends to build the immunity system of the body.

Nutrition Fact


Nutritional Value of Organic Gram Whole

Nutritional Information per 100g
Calories 360 Kcal
Total Fat 5.30 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 37.30 mg
Carbohydrates 60.90 g
Fibre 3.90 mg
Sugar 10.70 mg
Protein 17.10 g
Calcium 202.0 mg
Iron 4.60 mg
Health Benefits


It also stabilizes your blood sugar level and controls the hormonal levels in females. The organic gram whole is good for boosting the immunity . It takes care of your digestive system and allows you to generate energy.



Healthy sprout salad
Ingredients – Sprouted green pea, organic gram whole, beans methi, red chowli, black pepper, salt, chilli powder, tomatoes, orange, cheese, olive oil
1. Ina bowl add sprouted green pea, organic gram whole, beans, methi, red chowli
2. Add tomatoes, orange, cheese and olive oil
3. Add salt and pepper to it



Serve with sweet curd.



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