Organic Tomato

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Organic Tomato
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Rs 24.00



These organic tomatoes are often used in salads and while cooking the vegetables. The organic tomatoes are loaded with nutrients that are vital for the growth. Being rich in vitamin C it treats various diseases and safeguards our immunity system.

At the Organic Garden we ensure that we provide 100% organic products without any pesticides or chemical traces.

NOTE – Customers please take note that the fruits and vegetable packet size shown on the website are prone to change in terms of their weight and packs. Owing to this fact your order might differ in weight leading to addition of some extra charges on the order that you have placed. For example – If the cost of 1kg musk melon is 60/- and the weight is 1kg 100g then you will be charge Rs.60/- plus the charge of 100g.

Nutrition Fact


Every 100g of tomatoes is loaded with 22% of vitamin c and 0.2g of total fats . Moreover it also contains 1.2g of dietary fibres and 16% of Vitamin A . There is 0.9g of protein present in the organic tomato as well.

Health Benefits


The presence of Vitamin C shields against cancer such as prostrate and colorectal cancer. It also bring blood pressure under control and deals with diabetes. It also helps to get rid of constipation.



Tomato crispy salad
Ingredients – organic tomato, onion, green chillies, ground nuts, garlic, coriander 1. Blanch the skin of tomato
2. Add tomato, onion, green chillies, ground nuts, garlic, coriander
3. Add pounded dry shrimps and toasted sesame seeds
4. Add schezwan pepper oil, chilli oil, tamarind juice, jiggery juice, coriander oil and salt
5. Gently mix and place
6. Garnish with crispy fried ginger and dash of coriander oil



Putting black peppers in olive oil for few days gives the fragrance and flavour of black pepper oil.



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