10 Things every vegetarian is tired of hearing

So we are about the celebrate the World’s Vegetarian Day today i.e. on 1st October of the year, and we are sure that a lot of our vegetarian dear ones face similar situations.

Surviving as a complete vegetarian in the world of meat lovers is not easy. You are constantly nagged about being a vegetarian and the seamless amount of protein that vegetarians miss out on. Seems familiar?

So, read and let us know if you or your vegetarian friend has heard this before.

1. “What are you going to order? Paneer???”

Okay we agree that paneer is certainly the favourite food of every vegetarian in the country but that is not the “only” thing that they eat. We mean come on, we have other choices too. Stop telling us this again and again.

2. “You lack protein!”

A lot of non-vegetarians comment that vegetarians don’t get enough protein from their diet and that is merely because they don’t eat non vegetarian food. Do you have any facts and figures to support this statement? In case no, then stop rubbing the same statement again and again.

3.“Asking you to taste it”

We prefer being a vegetarian by our choice isn’t it? If we had even a slightest inclination towards non veg food we would have given it a try. So stop bragging about it soft and tender taste because we just don’t like it.

Ten things vegetarian hates to hear

4.They ask you – “why!???”

Whether to be a vegetarian and love non veg is indeed a personal choice but what even more annoying is when we are asked to explain the how(s) and why(s). We don’t ask you the story of turning into non vegetarian, would you stop asking us our reasons?

5. Explaining that we hurt trees too

A lot of non-vegetarians cannot digest that since we are animal lovers we don’t prefer eating them. They come up with arguments such as even trees are cut or it pains them when you pluck the fruit. Listen, plants don’t have nervous system so any beating, plucking or cutting doesn’t hurt them as it hurts to any animal or bird.

To be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian is an individual choice and we must respect each other’s take on that. However, while the world tries to make fun of your vegetarian habits please take pride because these habits are saving the environment compassionately.

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