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Month: July 2016

Don’t Let the Stress Ruin Your Health

With unbalanced lives, we are all more prone to stress than anything else. Statistically speaking, according to Lifeline Australia, alarmingly 91% of adult Australians feel stress in at least one important area of their lives. Almost 50% feel very stressed about one part of their life. Even the World Health Organisation says stress is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide and sadly, fewer than 25% of those with depression worldwide, have access to effective treatments.

Why is Organic Farming in Trend?

Lately, Organic Farming is being taken up as one of the agendas in our budget. While the country is stepping towards increased development, the rising health concerns due to overuse of pesticides has become a cause of concern. The government is making sure it takes the necessary steps in order to promote organic crops and encourage farmers to adapt traditional methods of organic farming.

Tips to Lose Your Weight

Statistically speaking there are three out of four people suffering from obesity in India. Around 15 million children are accustomed to obesity with the number rising every year. 73% of Indians are overweight, which more than half the population. While we are bombarded with key messages that speak against body shaming, we still believe it is important to keep yourself physically fit for a better future?

What Makes The Wheat Grass Anti-cancer

Finding its origins in history dating back to more than 5000 years, wheat grass has been popular for a long time. The benefits of wheat grass are immense. Being consumed in the form of juices and powders, organic wheat grass carries numerous health benefits. It consists of chlorophyll, amino acid, minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which makes it a powerhouse of nutrients.

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