High blood pressure? Root it out with organic beet root

Being one of the popular roots across the world, beet roots are used in various cuisines in the form of various dishes. In some parts of the world it is processed, boiled and sterilised as pickle while in some parts of the world like India the beet roots are eaten as side dishes in the form of salads. It is boiled and sliced into pieces and sometimes even cooked. People here in India are also inclined towards drinking the organic beet root juice.

Did you know that organic beet roots can lower your blood pressure and sort health issues?

A study conducted earlier suggests that drinking a cup of beet juice each day experienced a significant reduction in blood sugar. Drinking 250ml of organic beetroot cut high blood pressure reading by 10mm of mercury. Eating organic beet root benefits those who suffer from high blood sugar which is a common condition associated with the type 2 diabetes.

The condition of high blood pressure thickens the heart muscle which leads to creation of more force to pump the blood out. The high pleasure pressure also injures the arteries making them stiffer which further raises already high blood pressure. Our heart has two functions to perform wherein one is to squeeze the blood pump and another is to quickly relax to accept more. The stiffer the heart gets the more time it takes to get relaxed.

The nitrate present in organic beetroot widens the blood vessels to aid flow. Nitrate is found in soil naturally and it is taken by roots to help them grow.


Severed symptoms from a stiffer heart also often have less of chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a chemical that causes your blood vessels to relax. The relaxation of vessels improves blood flow to the organs, muscles and heart. Absence of this chemical can cause stiffness of the heart. Nitrate Oxide present in organic beet roots also improves blood flow to muscles, organs and heart. It lowers the blood pressure, boosts the oxygen delivery to the body.


Some other vegetables that are rich in providing nitrate oxide are –

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