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Month: July 2016

Healthy Breakfast – Dalia Khichdi

Broken wheat is quite popularly used in Indian Cuisine. Those who wish to reduce their daily dosage of rice must think of replacing it with Broken Wheat. Broken Wheat Khichdi is made up of whole wheat which makes it power packed with nutrients. You can make it for breakfast, lunch or dinner it doesn’t matter. Broken Wheat Khichdi is also good to keep the body warm during cold climatic conditions.

Organic Farming – An Insight into Its Methods

While westerners have popularly adopted organic farming in their own mini kitchen gardens, this concept of organic farming is gradually creeping into India as well. With the government setting a budget aside for organic farming at the central level along with several major steps that the state governments of Sikkim, Kerala and Gujarat have taken, it appears that the entire nation is slowly moving towards organic farming.

How is Budget 2016-17 Helping Organic Farmers

The government has started taking organic farming seriously and with regards to that some serious measures are also being undertaken in order to promote organic farming methods. Monetary as well as non-monetary encouragements are being laid down since the financial year 2016-17 envisioning the growth of organic farming in the coming three years.

Delicious Stuffed Organic Okra Recipe

There are many ways to cook and eat delicious organic okra, some try to make curry, while others make it into gravy. However, the best way is to cook it with rich spices. Organic lady finger (okra) is an amazing dish whose taste lingers in your mouth and mind for a long after its consumption.

World’s largest community kitchen on the verge to go organic

“We need to respect the national resources, the gifts given by our creators. Just imagine, if all the Gururdwaras, temples and mosques switch to organic food in consumption and distribution – the farmers will then see that there’s set market and they can start producing food for which they will not have to use chemicals and pesticides.” – Dr. Rajwant Singh, founder and president of Eco-sikh, an NGO working to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspiring farmers to focus on organic methods of farming.

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