What your favourite celebrity had in diet today?

Celebrities who eat Organic Food

So, what is the secret to their radiant skin? How do they maintain that perfect shape? How is he manages to gain those abs and what is her secret to the lean body? Well, if these questions haunt you too just like the once haunted us, we are here to put an end to it for ones and for all.

So what is your favourite up to in his/her diet? Let us find it out.

1. SALMAN KHAN – Given the fan following he owns, he also makes sure that he keeps them happy. He makes them gleeful not merely by delivering super hit movies but also taking the oath to conserve the environment.

He religiously follows his rigid diets that include high protein organic diet, chicken, eggs and a lot of organic vegetables and fruits to keep him healthy.

2. NEHA DHUPIA – This charming star does a lot to take care of her looks and body. Apart from drinking ample of water her secret diet includes a variety of Organic vegetables. Even though her switch to organic food is recent yet she attempts to promote it wherever and whenever she can.

3. R.MADHAVAN – On following his regular post updates on social media you would certainly figure out that his handsome young man owns a small garden too. A plethora of Organic vegetables and fruits are grown in his own small garden. Apart from sticking to his diet plan he also ensures that he intakes only chemical free tasty organically grown food.

4. AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN – Being blessed with natural beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan reveals that she believes in eating only organic and naturally grown food items. She majorly focuses on fresh fruits that keep her skin radiant and detoxifies her body. As a former Miss World, she relies on homemade food such as curd, honey and lemon to keep her skin toned and moisturised.

5. KATRINA KAIF – Her flawless beauty and magnificent style also quote a lot about the influence of Organic food in her diet. She makes sure that she uses Organic products along with her regular workout sessions. However, not merely in food but she makes it a point to use Organic products even in cosmetics.

By choosing Organic over the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables these celebrities are taking their health seriously. Additionally, they are also doing their bit conserving the environment.

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