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Established in the year 2011, The Organic Garden has managed to cross numerous milestones. Being one of the rare companies in the FMCG industry that deals with 100% organic fruits, vegetables and grocery we take pride in where we are.

Our service of selling organic fruits and vegetables extends to Mumbai while we sell organic grocery expanded in PAN India. Being a company that is in Business to consumer modal, our constant aim is to satisfy our esteemed customers exceptionally good service.



The Organic Garden is not just a company rather a dream that Mr. Kiran and Mrs. Manisha Temkar concreted into a reality. Envisioning respect for farmers and availability of organic food items across the country – The Organic Garden stands tall wherever it stands today.



Our Team

No company is complete without pouring out confidence in the team. Our team has been dedicatedly backing up the company to improvise and innovate the food habits of our consumers, letting the company build a brand image that is trusted, transparent and most importantly reliable.



Our Team Members

  • Mr Kiran Temkar – Founder & Director
  • Mrs Manisha Temkar – Co-founder & Managing Partner
  • Mr Baljinder Saini – Manager, Operations.
  • Mr Rajendra Borde --- Manager, Customer Support



We aim towards making the organic food available to those who wish to keep their health healthy. Apart from customer satisfaction, we also strive to sustain the environment and hence we believe that promoting organic food is not only our business but also rightful duty.



We believe in growth and hence our only vision is to do better than the last day. Whether it is our products, service, performance, relations with clients or employees; we seek for growth and our promises.


Why us?

    1. We are not newbies in the industry and given the range of our customers, we have gleefully managed to keep our quality promise with our products and customer service.
    2. We are authorized and certified to sell organic fruits, vegetables and groceries.
    3. The products sold by us are laboratory tested on multilevel.
    4. Under stringent quality control measures the products are packaged and stored.

We do not believe in giving you numerous reasons to try our products because our clientele talk a lot on behalf of us.


How do we get it done?

Being retailers of organic food items our main concern is to encourage farmers to grow organic crops. We ensure that these crops are thoroughly tested at multi stages to make sure that our customers only get 100% organic products.

The produce is sourced directly through the farmers under conditions that are suited to the produce. Once it is brought to our warehouse our quality control analysts again make it a point to strictly check the produce.

Keeping health and hygiene in mind the produce is packed and stored in our warehouse under the surveillance of our team.


Where to find us?

In the world that is connected virtually it isn’t that difficult to find us. We are online as well as connected through telephonic lines. All you need to do is browse through the correct window or dial the right number.

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