All about Brown Sugar

Many of us get confused between white sugar and brown sugar while we all are surely aware of the difference in their colours, little is known with regards to their properties and benefits.
The Organically grown brown sugar has disparate properties in comparison to the regular crystallised white sugar. It also undergoes a different chemical process and seems to have an inclination of people who wish to rebalance their diet. The brown colour of this brown sugar happens to be that way due to the presence of molasses that remains in its structure in contrast to the processed white sugar. The nutrients like calcium, iron, and magnesium and so on remain in the organic brown sugar.

Additionally, when it comes to organic brown sugar there is more amount of moisture that enables you to have much more freedom in designing the food recipe that will provide denser and moisture product. The organic brown sugar also has benefit that is associated with skin. It can be easily used for skin treatment since it is indeed capable of removing dead cells and the material that can clog the pores. One can also use organic brown sugar as the moisturiser and a safeguard against signs of ageing.

The organic Brown sugar is also loaded with carbohydrate and protein. Approximately 97g of carbohydrate and 0.12g of protein is found in 100gm of Organic Brown Sugar. Another worth noting fact is that the Brown sugar has lower caloric value by mass as compared to white sugar due to the presence of water. Scientifically, a 100gm of brown sugar contains 373calories in contrast to 396calories in white sugar. However being smaller in size the brown sugar tends to fit more constituting more calories in volume. Numerous people who are concerned about fitness and health tends to opt for brown sugar since it is low on calories.

Even though technically Brown sugar tends to be healthier it is also advisable to limit the usage of sugar intake in your food as it is good for long term health.

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