All organic food product in one store

What does ‘Organic Food’ stand for?
‘Organic Food’ includes those food items or materials that are grown without use of any kind of pesticide or chemical. Certified organic produce is exposed to no kind of pesticide or chemical enhancer to change the natural growth cycle of the crop. Organic produce is healthier and tastier owing to the fact that no chemicals are used in the production process.

Why choose Organic?
So, why should one choose organic over conventionally grown food items? There are a number of health benefits associated with organic food.

Safe to consume – Inorganically grown fruits, vegetables and grocery items are exposed to hazardous chemicals and pesticides. This often leads to ailments and disorders. On the other hand, choosing organic safeguards against a number of ailments, simply because the products are not exposed to disastrous chemicals that can be detrimental to child and adult health.

What are the organic items sold?
If you search through the market or scroll through a number of a websites you shall find ample organic items available. These organic items can be in broad categories such as:

  1. Organic Fruits – Organic fruits are free from chemicals and pesticides. Owing to their short shelf life these are supposed to be consumed the soonest. Organic fruits contain no added injected flavour or color and are grown without the use of any sort of chemical.
  2. Organic Vegetables – Organic vegetables are grown using natural manures like vermicompost and cow dung. These are free from any kind of hazardous chemicals. Being devoid of pesticides, these are safer to consume.
  3. Organic Spices – It is without a doubt that spices are used to add flavour to almost all Indian foods. However, organic spices also add a tinge of health. Handpicked and organically nourished organic spices are worth choosing over conventional ones as they are safer to consume than the latter.
  4. Organic Flour – Made with fine organic grains, organic flour has no trace of chemicals. It is loaded with nutrients that are essential for the development of the body.
  5. Organic Sweeteners – Organic honey, organic jaggery and organic sugar are all counted as natural sweeteners. These organic sweeteners are healthy when consumed appropriately and in the right quantities.

The major difficulty that consumers face most of the time is that they are supposed to order different things from different places. Every consumer would prefer all products available across one juncture, which would sort out their needs for organic items right from fruits, vegetables and seeds to oils and flours.

We at The Organic Garden have put an end to this problem. The Organic Garden is a one stop juncture for everything organic. Whether you need organic fruits or vegetables in Mumbai or organic oils, seeds, sweeteners and pulses PAN India, we ensure home delivery of these products, with apex quality measures.

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