Beta Cells and Their Role in Diabetes

One of the major disease that has pranced across the globe is – Diabetes. Nearly, 50 cases in India are not even aware that they are suffering from diabetes. The lack of awareness regarding diabetes makes it a morbid disease in the country. By the time these symptoms get revealed it already makes it irreversible.

Insulin, an integral part of the body plays a major role in diabetes. The basic duty of Insulin in the body is to let glucose into cells wherein it can be utilised as energy. This keeps the sugar level in the blood balanced. However, the TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 diabetes occur when pancreas fail to produce insulin in the body or when the production of insulin is not adequate, the glucose does not gets the chance to enter the cells leaving the rise in blood sugar levels.

The incapability or inadequacy of producing insulin arises due to numerous factors. Some of them are listed below –

Autoimmune issues
Bacterial or viral
Incompatible food
Chemical exposure
Insulin produced in Pancreas is responsible of Beta Cells, for some reason these beta cells begin get destroyed which causes trouble with the production of Insulin. Destruction of Beta cell mean lack in Insulin and lack in insulin implies incapability of using the glucose of body leading to rise in sugar levels.

However, the scientific modernisation allows us to regenerate these beta cells which can cure or at least keep the diabetes under control. Medication can regenerate these Beta cells and sometimes even the implantation of Beta cells is done however, these can be done naturally through diet as well.

It is also recorded that some of the organic food items are observed to normalise the production of insulin are –

ORGANIC FLAXSEEDS – The Organic Flaxseeds contain properties that improves insulin sensitivity in the body. Moreover the organic flaxseeds do not add fats to the body. Researches show that eating organic flaxseeds per day leads to controlled diabetes.

ORGANIC BLACK SEEDS – Researches reveal that organic black seeds are highly beneficial in preventing diabetes. It increases sensitivity towards insulin and prevents diabetes type 1. It also carries anti-oxidants that protects your pancreas from damage.

ORGANIC TURMERIC – The organicturmeric is known for improving beta cells that are responsible for production of insulin. Turmeric is often advisable for since it safeguards the beta cells and improves its functionality.

Diabetes is rapidly growing especially in India proper awareness need to be imparted… A balanced diet along with exercises keeps the insulin level adequate. At the same time improvising in diet and stress reduction can have a positive effect on healing the beta cells.

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