Organic farming is a way of life. Certain people prefer food that is free of chemicals and is grown naturally. There are lots of beliefs that surround organic versus the conventionally grown food that we eat. Organic food may or may not have more nutrients, it may or may not taste better, it may or may not look better, may or may not cost cheaper, may or may not be able to feed the burgeoning population, but definitely has got less chemicals, keeps the environment clean and unpolluted, keeps the water resources in the surrounding free of chemicals, is safer for the wildlife in the environment, and most importantly keeps us healthy.

As our society is evolving, we are realizing the need for organically grown food. Numerous diseases and disorders are plaguing the population, because of the chemically laced food that we are eating. Food growers in the greed to earn more are using chemicals rampantly. It may give them revenues but they also have an obligation to serve the society by providing them safe food.

The government in certain countries have realized this and are promoting organic food. In certain countries in Europe and also in Australia, organic food is being promoted in a big way. Growers also are being benefitted as they are getting premium prices for their organic produce.

Why far off, even in our country there is a movement to promote organic food. Most states in the North East are using very less chemicals. So, by little efforts, these states can be declared completely organic states. Sikkim, for example, just last fortnight, has been declared an organic state. Farmers in Sikkim, as it is were using very less chemicals, in addition to that the govt., put a ban on production and sale of agricultural chemicals in Sikkim. Thereby it has become an organic state. Soon the other states in the north east, are on the agenda of being converted to organic states.

The government should also play a role in helping farmers convert from conventional to organic. The huge subsidies that they are providing to chemical fertilizer producers, like urea, should be shifted to organic manures/fertilizer manufacturers. Cost of organic fertilizers, and thereby cost of organically produced food would naturally come down. Organic food will become cheaper and organic farmers would be able to compete with the conventional farmers and sell more of their organic produce.

It is not that the consumers are not aware of the benefits of the organic food. It is just that sometimes they do not know about the authenticity of organic food. So firstly, the govt. should emphasize on the organic farmers, to certify their products - organic. They should not allow farmers, who have not certified their produce organic, from one of the certifying agency; to sell it as organic in the market. The consumers should also be educated about the certification process. That way the consumers would also know, how to differentiate between, organic and conventional product.