Since the festive are around the corner it gives a boost to our sweet tooth isn’t it? But, why can’t we try making it a bit healthier using some real good and healthy ingredients like say beet root?

Hence, we are here to update you about this healthy sweet recipe that you can easily prepare.


  1. Organic Beet roots
  2. Grated coconut
  3. Sugar
  4. Ghee
  5. Cardamoms
  6. Water


  1. Peel off the cardamoms and powder them. Set them aside
  2. Take grated coconut and put it into blender with some water
  3. In the cooking pan add ghee and transfer the grated coconut to the pan
  4. Let it heat for sometime
  5. Now prepare the paste of organic beet roots in the blended
  6. Mix it with the mixture in pan
  7. Include sugar and cardamom and mix it well
  8. Let it heat for some time and then keep it for cooling
  9. Cut it in cubes once it is cooled down.


You can put cashew in each cube for better taste.