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An ancient fruit which is been widely used and savoured for delicious and tastiest fruit in the world. Being tasty addition to the diet pears are loaded with nutrients and nutritional value. Pear is an important part of fruit diet for many cultures around the world the term "pear" actually describes a number of trees and bushes in the genus Pyrus, of the larger family Rosaceae. There are a wide variety of pear trees, and a few of them bear edible fruit that is commonly consumed by humans; a number of pear varieties are only used as decorative trees and shrubs.

Health Benefits of Pears:

1. Digestion and Intestinal health: Pear fruit has a very important role to play in human digestion. It processed the food and adds bulk so it is easier to pass through the intestines. It regulates bowel movements and decrease the chance of constipation, diarrhoea and loose stool.

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2. Cancer Prevention: Antioxidants are primarily praised for their anti-carcinogenic activities, and pears have been known to prevent number of different cancer, including cancers of colon, rectum, breast, prostate, and lungs. They have high antioxidant score as compared to other fruits.

3. Wounds Healing and tissue repairs: Pears contains vitamin C which an essential part of building new tissues with various organs and cellular structure of the body. This helps the body metabolism to run smoothly and ensures that all functions operate properly.

4. Bone Health: As Pears contain high mineral content it helps in reducing bone mineral loss and decreasing condition like osteoporosis and general weakness of the body due to lack of support from the bones.

5. Improve skin hair and eyes: Pears are high in vitamin A and it components like lutein and Zeaxanthin. This components helps in reducing the effect of aging skin like spots and wrinkles. This powerful fruit also help to reduce hair loss, cataracts and various condition associated with aging.

Overall it's a powerful fruit with nutrients with huge benefits and you can buy this product on