stuffed okra recipe

There are numerous ways of eating delicious organic okra, some try curry while other make it into gravy however, the best one is the one that we are going to explain below.

Being cooked amidst of rich spices, stuffer organic lady finger (okra) is an amazing dish that lingers in your mouth for a longer time.


Without wasting much time, let us begin


  1. Organic  lady finger Okra
  2. Turmeric and chilli powder
  3. Oil
  4. Salt and pepper
  5. Cumin powder
  6. Coriander powder


  1. Wash the organic okra and pat it with napkin
  2. Ensure that it is completely dry
  3. Slit it into halves and keep it aside
  4. Take a bowl and mix the spices mentioned above in it
  5. Heat the container and pour oil
  6. Take the mixture of spices and fill it in the organic okra
  7. Put the organic okra in oil and cook it


  • Always make sure that the organic okra is dry
  • To make it spicy add other spices as well

You can also add dry mango powder