Solar Panel at Home

How about building a house which suffices all your needs that are right from food to water and even air. Sounds mind boggling? Well, here is a 71 years old gentleman who has brought this mind-boggling imagination to reality. He resides in the home that has the small jungle, self-generated electricity, and rainwater harvesting system too.

Do not expect the government to find all the solutions. Help the government by finding solutions” he says as he walks through the greenery around his home sipping a cup of coffee. His stove is powered through his own biogas plant while the solar panels installed on the rooftop generates electricity. The backyard of his home has a soft aroma of spices and vegetable lingering. 


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Being an IIT-Madras and IIM-A graduate his career span marks 45 years of sincerity. Mr.D.Suresh lives in Chennai along with his wife, son and a daughter in law who encourage him for his endeavours towards the society.


“In the country like India where sunlight is in abundance usage of solar power should be encouraged.” He points out. Even on the mild sunny days this solar power is capable of producing the electricity. It took just one day to complete the set up as explained by him. There are times when the rains are heavy in such times the charged batteries help in supplying the electricity. Hence, there is hardly any issue with the electricity. “It has been four years that he has not faced a single power cut” he says even though the city of more prone to load shedding. “It is a sustainable, affordable, viable project, presently giving over six percent tax-free return including battery replacement,” he added further.


The rainwater harvesting system was set up around 20 years ago. There is no daily maintenance requirement and only the cleaning is required during the monsoon season.


Not only fresh water and sustainable electricity but also organic food is what Mr.D.Suresh has taken into consideration. He also owns an organic garden in the kitchen where he grows organic fruits and organic vegetables. He believes in a healthy approach towards life which enabled him to create this organic garden. Mr.D.Suresh manages to save a lot of his income through these methods and moreover it contributes to the sustainable development of the society.

Organic Garden Kitchen



His external gas needs can be sufficed through the biogas plant. A biogas plant adhering to one cubic per metre capacity can process 10kg of organic waste producing 20kg of gas per month. This generates two amply useful resources organic manure and cooking gas. Moreover, the biogas is not a compressed gas which means there is no risk of explosion or leak is involved. The biogas plant is absolutely convenient, conserving and safe.


He has also aided in the installation of such systems in 4 schools, 3 offices and 7 households in Bengaluru. He believes that education followed by persuasion is the key to make people aware of the virtues we have been overlooking. The Organic Garden supports such initiations. It aims to create one such sustainable eco system whenever and wherever possible. We salute and appreciate the efforts of Mr.D.Suresh who is leading a one man army.