paneer pakoda

As the rain showers down on earth your urge to eat something rises over head. In such an amazing climate what can be better that the delicious paneer pakodas made with organic maida giving it a stir of health. The paneer pakoras are easy to prepare and make an idle evening snacks.

Here is how you can make your guests rejoice and begin the gossip sessions combined with tangy taste of chutney.

Ingredients –

  1. Cottage cheese (paneer)
  2. Organic refined wheat flour (maida)
  3. Red chili powder
  4. Dried mango powder
  5. Cooking soda
  6. Salt
  7. Oil


  1. Cut the cottage cheese in slices or cubes
  2. Take a bowl mix organic maida, water, salt, chili powder, dried mango powder
  3. Add cooking soda and salt
  4. Heat the oil in a container
  5. Mix the mixture along with paneer cubes and leave them to get deep fried
  6. Serve on the perfect monsoon evening