kitchen hacks

Cooking is easy and yes! We have overheard this phrase for quite a long time, but only a chef knows the perseverance it requires always. So, here we are to make the efforts a little less hassled with our 10 kitchen hacks that would save your time and money without a doubt.

  1. Problem with peeling the citrus fruits?
    Heat them in microwave for a moment and see the skin peeling itself off absolutely in an absolute easy.

  2. Peeling potatoes? Oh, not again!
    Boil the potatoes as you have been doing and then put it in the ice water. You will be able to see the skin being peeled off from the middle.

  3. Squeeze it till the very last drop
    One hack to squeeze out the maximum lemon juice from the lemon is by first refrigerating it and then heating in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.

  4. To avoid tears
    Cutting the onions is a task, especially because of the irritating gasses that cause tears. Keep a piece of bread in your mouth (with partially out). The bread will absorb the gasses even before them reaching your eyes.

  5. Oh, so sticky!
    Drab your measuring spoon or cup in hot water or simply coat oil on it before measuring a sticky substance such as honey. The oil will help it slide down easily into the mixing bowl.

  6. Over boiling won’t be an issue
    In order to avoid over the boiling, place the wooden spoon across the pot. Wooden spoon is not a good conductor of heat, hence the hot water trays away from the handle.

  7. Let the cake last long
    If you have cut the cake, but did not manage to finish it off just cover the cake with breads using toothpicks. The bread will retain the moisture of cake letting it remain fresh for longer.

  8. Save them fresh and use them later
    To keep the chopped leaves such as mint leaves fresh just put them in the ice tray along with water or olive oil and let them refrigerate.

  9. Cleaning fruits and vegetables
    In order to clean the fruits and vegetables use water along with baking soda to remove the dirt safely without being too harsh with chemicals.

  10. The Aroma
    To enhance the aroma and banquet try aerating your wine in the blender!


We hope that these kitchen hacks would surely help you win the hearts and save your precious time as well. If you have one amazing kitchen tip that you always prefer using do let us know in the comment!