Cancerous Skin Cancer – The Know Hows

Cancer is widespread globally. Varies categories of cancers has been cropped in globally, one such category of cancer is skin cancer. Reports state that more than 40% of people across the globe face skin cancer.

This disease is highly common in west due to the certain skin type and tone that they adhere to.

Gratefully enough the melanin present in Indian skin tone tends to safeguards us against skin cancer quite naturally however elongated exposure to UV rays regularly can lead to skin cancer.

Even though the melanin presence protects the Indian skin against cancer at the same time the exposure of UV rays is higher in tropical countries. 90% of cases are caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays from sun.

This exposure increases the all three main types of skin cancers – Basal cell skin cancer, Squamous cell skin cancer and Melanoma.

“The effects of prolonged direct exposure to the sun can manifest immediately as well as several years later. You could suffer from burning and sunstroke in just a few hours. On the other hand, delayed action of the sun includes ageing of the skin and skin cancers, which can be seen several years later”said Dr Harsha Megde, a dermatologist reported to DNA. Decreased exposure to ultraviolet rays and applying sunscreen can prevent skin cancer.

Furthermore there are several food items that can provide a safeguard against skin cancer. Some of these food items are –


1. Vegetables – Organic vegetables like broccolis, cauliflowers, Tuscan kale are rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants neutralises the free radicals and prevent the skin cancer from occurring. These vegetables are also loaded with vitamin C that is again essential to fight cancer. Researchers believe that people who drank a daily anti-oxidant rich beverage had 50% less free radicals in the blood.

2. Vitamin C – Food items that are abundance in vitamin C such as organic lemons and organic oranges should also be eaten. These items fuel in anti-oxidants into the body fighting and neutralising the free radicals.


Even though we do have a natural shield against skin cancer that is melanin yet, it is always better to be safer than sorry. Right kind of diet along with protection from sun rays can prevent your risks from skin cancer.

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