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Organic Farming

How is organic crop grown?

Quite infamous for its name, the Malwa Region is on the verge of becoming the Cancer Belt of Punjab. Recent research shows that there has been a huge increase in cancer cases due to the overuse of pesticides. Factually speaking, 25% of the land is encountering degradation, and this has collectively affected the food security of millions.

Why is Organic Farming in Trend?

Lately, Organic Farming is being taken up as one of the agendas in our budget. While the country is stepping towards increased development, the rising health concerns due to overuse of pesticides has become a cause of concern. The government is making sure it takes the necessary steps in order to promote organic crops and encourage farmers to adapt traditional methods of organic farming.

Organic Farming – An Insight into Its Methods

While westerners have popularly adopted organic farming in their own mini kitchen gardens, this concept of organic farming is gradually creeping into India as well. With the government setting a budget aside for organic farming at the central level along with several major steps that the state governments of Sikkim, Kerala and Gujarat have taken, it appears that the entire nation is slowly moving towards organic farming.

World’s largest community kitchen on the verge to go organic

“We need to respect the national resources, the gifts given by our creators. Just imagine, if all the Gururdwaras, temples and mosques switch to organic food in consumption and distribution – the farmers will then see that there’s set market and they can start producing food for which they will not have to use chemicals and pesticides.” – Dr. Rajwant Singh, founder and president of Eco-sikh, an NGO working to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspiring farmers to focus on organic methods of farming.

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