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Whole wheat modak – churma modak

This delicious delicacy is quite popular in Maharashtra. Being prepared with whole wheat flour churma, the dish marks its auspiciousness as it is prepared by many households on several festive occasions. The churma modak has a long shelf life, around 15-20 days. Also, please note that preparing the dish two days prior makes it taste better.

Mix Vegetable Soup Recipe

Soups are always delicious and healthy to consume. Mixed vegetable soup is always good as an evening snack or as an appetizer to your main course. There are several ways of making mixed vegetable soup and they can vary from household to household. Below is what we believe to be the most common way to make mixed vegetable soup.

Paneer Pakodas – Ultimate Monsoon Yum

We all know that monsoon and hot pakodas are a great combination, but pakodas are also fattening. When stuck with such a dilemma, what can be better than a hot plate of delicious paneer pakodas made with healthy organic maida. The paneer pakodas are quite easy to prepare and make an idle evening snack.

Delicious Stuffed Organic Okra Recipe

There are many ways to cook and eat delicious organic okra, some try to make curry, while others make it into gravy. However, the best way is to cook it with rich spices. Organic lady finger (okra) is an amazing dish whose taste lingers in your mouth and mind for a long after its consumption.

Fruits Lettuce Salad

Salads can usually be boring, especially if you are eating only one type of salad every day. It is always good to experiment and allow your taste buds to try different combinations. Pomegranate and lettuce salad is something most people like.

Yum Yum Masala Oats Recipe

Oats are getting more popular day by day. Its richness in terms of nutrients, along with an amazing taste and its quality of adapting with any dish makes it even more worthy of trying. Oatmeal is often eaten by people on a diet, but one can totally add on to their cravings by eating oats when not on a diet.

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