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Weight Loss

Eating disorder? That is more than just eating

Many among us are silently and quite ignorantly suffering from eating disorders. Most of the time, an eating disorder is confused with obesity, however, it is more than just that. This disorder is more related to your psychology, that constitutes to irregular eating habits. There are many issues that fall under the umbrella of an Eating Disorder. These namely are Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. For most of us, perhaps this is the first time you are reading the term, while there are millions around the world who are silently suffering from this torture.

Tips to Lose Your Weight

Statistically speaking there are three out of four people suffering from obesity in India. Around 15 million children are accustomed to obesity with the number rising every year. 73% of Indians are overweight, which more than half the population. While we are bombarded with key messages that speak against body shaming, we still believe it is important to keep yourself physically fit for a better future?

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