Does organic food help you lose weight?

Statistically speaking there are three out of four people suffering from obesity in India. Around 15 million children are prone to obesity, with the number rising every year. 73% of Indians are overweight, which is more than half the population. A number of people search for obesity treatment daily. While we are bombarded with key messages that speak against body shaming, we believe that it is somewhat necessary in today’s world to keep yourself fit and fine.

If you have decided to lose your excess weight, then we are here to help you out with our weight loss tips –

    To make the fats move into the blood stream, it is essential to break them down first. Anti-Oxidants present in green tea help in breaking down the fats and help them move into the blood stream making them available to be used as energy.
  2. LESS SALT –
    Consuming salt does not directly make your belly fat; however, it increases water retention. Discontinuing or reducing your salt intake reduces water retention, which makes you flush the water out of a body thus helping in weight loss.
    We often avoid eating rice, especially when it comes to losing the weight. Organic brown rice is however loaded worth fibres. The presence of fibres causes the body to feel full. Consuming more organic brown rice hence helps in weight loss.
    Organic kale is extremely nutritious. The nutrients present in kale facilitate weight loss to a large extent. The presence of good fibres in kale allows sweeping of the digestive tract. Hence, it is not just that it helps in reducing weight, but it also takes care of the digestive system.
  5. SPICE IT UP –
    Researchers figure out that hot pepper boosts an individual’s metabolism. Higher intake of spices implies a higher rate of metabolism, which eventually leads to burning of fats.
    A lot of organic vegetables aid in reducing weight. One such organic vegetable is the organic potato. Organic potatoes that are plain and even sweet potatoes for that matter, are commendable at aiding in weight loss. They are rich in fibres and low in calories, which make them ideal for weight loss.
    Scientifically, women with lesser hours of sleep, say 4-5 tend to have a slower metabolism rate. Hence make sure that you take complete sleep of at least 8 hours every day.
  8. NUTS –
    Nuts are excellent snacks because they are packed with nutrients such as proteins and vitamins. Nuts can aid in developing a good metabolism rate.
    Many of us grow up believing the myth that skipping meals would help your diet, however that is not true. The more meals you skip, the more you would end up craving. Hence, it is always advisable to avoid skipping your meals and instead opt for a balanced diet.

These weight loss tips are surely going to help you lose weight along with your exercise regime. The Organic Garden presents organic fruits and organic vegetables at your doorstep. You can buy online organic food all over Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai through our web portal.

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