Fruits Lettuce Salad

Salads can be boring especially if you are eating only one kind of salad repeatedly. It is always good to keep experimenting and make your taste buds tempt in new ways altogether.

The pomegranate and lettuce salad is something that you can easily chew in irrespective of whether you are dieting or not!

So here we go –


Lettuce Lolo green
Mint leaves
Mustard seeds
Orange Squash
Pepper powder and salt
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Semi friend Cottage cheese (paneer)

Take a bowl and pour olive oil into it
Add garlic, mint leaves, mustard seeds, pepper and salt
Add lemon juice, orange squash and mix it well
Add crumbled pieces of semi fried cottage cheese
Add apples and pomegranate
Mix it well
Increase the number of fruits or replace the fruits with boiled vegetables of your choice.

In order to make this salad even healthier you can opt for organic fruits instead of normal ones since they are devoid of pesticides and chemical component.

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