Go Organic, Go Healthy!!

With the rise in illness, medical bills and low productivity today due to numerous reasons, people are becoming more and more conscious of the food they are opting for because what you put in will decide exactly how your body will react to it. The grocery stores are filled with colourful fruits, vegetables and other products which claim to be super healthy for us but the question is not about eating more of these foods, it is about how safe and nutritious the food originally is. Due to increase in population, there is a major rise in demand for different variety of foods which pushes the government to produce genetically modified foods with the help of array of chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics. These chemically treated foods when enter the body create a heavy load on your liver and other organs to flush it out to maintain the body’s health equilibrium. That is where, the need to go organic arises.

Organic foods are grown in safe soil, away from conventional farms with no medications, no artificial fertilizers or deadly chemical pesticides. They are grown with the help of natural fertilizers like manure and compost, weeds are controlled by natural method like crop rotation and hand weeding, and insects are taken care of by using birds and good insects. Hence this is the reason behind the list of benefits organic foods provide.

• Rich in nutrients: Lesser chemicals means more scope for nutrients to survive anf be available to us after consumption.
• Taste better: More the nutrients, more taste value added to the food. Ofcourse you cannot compare them to the lip smacking additive treated junk food, but yes your body will soon crave for them for how good they make you feel.
• More fresh: Organic foods are not preserved with artificial preservatives which alter the taste of the food and mask the original freshness. They are sold fresh and taste fresh just like they are meant to taste unlike the regular foods which are frozen or transported long distances before they are consumed.
• Stronger immunity: the absence of pesticides in organic foods reduces the burden on your body and makes your cells work better which improves your immune system and reduces chances of illness, infections and fatal diseases.
• Less chances of cancer: The toxins that you ingest through chemically treated food can be a major reason for cancers like stomach, colon, breast and prostrate which can be reduced greatly by organic foods free from these unwanted substances.
• Hormonal imbalance: The livestock and their products that we feed on like chicken, mutton, cow’s milk, buffalo milk etc are fed with hormones and antibiotics which can wreck our natural production of hormones. Organic meats are fed on natural grass in a natural environment like fresh air, sunlight, water and treated with healthy diet instead of medications which reduces our chances of hormonal imbalance when consumed.
• Indirectly cheaper: Yes, this might be a bit surprising, but spending few bucks extra for organic foods can be a way to your fortune. Organic foods reduce your medical bills, pharmacy expenses and health care costs. They increase work productivity making you bunk office lesser and work better. Better nutrients satisfy you faster and you avoid overeating like you do in junk food. So all these make organic foods way cheaper than your cheap pesticide loaded foods.

Apart from keeping the human body is best of its health, organic foods also keep the environment healthy by protecting neighbouring plants and animals from chemicals, reducing soil and water pollution thereby making the world a healthier place to live in.

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