Health Benefits of organic custard apple

You probably already know that organic fruits are grown under natural conditions and thus contain a higher nutritional value than other products and allow increased antioxidant intake as compared to others.

The custard apple is a fruit that helps to combat many diseases and improve the immune system. It is called a short season fruit as it is only found in the months August, September and October. The custard apple can help protect you from many diseases. Custard apple is also known as Sharifa in India. It is made of a hard green exterior and the sweet and fleshy fruit is revealed after cutting it. They are specially priced due to their many health benefits in Ayurveda. The fruit is good for your heart, skin, and bones. It is also helpful in curing boils, ulcers and gum problems.

Benefits of organic custard apples:

  1. Better Immune system: These organic apples are rich in the antioxidant vitamin C. It removes harmful radicals in the body and prevents from various diseases. Being organic, our body intakes an added amount of antioxidants from these products to give the body better protection.
  2. Better vision: It contains riboflavin and vitamin C which are also antioxidants, that help in maintaining good eyesight.
  3. Stronger digestive system: This fruit is effective against indigestion as it removes the toxins from the intestine and helps in proper functioning of our bowels. It prevents stomach related problems like stomach ulcers, gastritis, and acidity.
  4. Regulates sugar in the body: As it contains fibers, the leaves slow down the absorption of sugar in our body.
  5. Keeps skin cancer away: Custard apple helps in the regeneration of skin cells and contributes in making the skin youthful. Consumption of organic custard apple thickens and stimulates the collagen in the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Nutritional benefits of organic custard apple:

Vitamin A: Organic custard apple creates increased intake of vitamin A, which is helpful in keeping your skin and hair healthy. This vitamin is good for eyes too.

Vitamin C: It contains the anti-oxidant vitamin C, which helps to fight free radicals and prevent diseases.

Potassium: The content of this nutrient in the sweet fruit makes you active and aware. It also helps in fighting muscle weakness.

Magnesium: It helps to maintain water balance in the body. It benefits arthritic patients by removing acids from joints.

Copper: Copper works against constipation.

Fiber: It has enough of fiber, which in smooth digestion and eases constipation.

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