Healthy Tips for Summer

So the summers have set in full swing and I’m sure the heat is taking a big toll on all of us be it the tiny tots wanting to play out and have fun in their vacation or the office goers struggling to get to work in the same condition they moved out from their home.

But mind you this heat should not be taken lightly. We all must really be aware of the signs that our body tries to convey to us and they must not be ignored for sure or else it can take a big toll on us. So watch out for hydration, headaches, infrequent urination, tiredness, lethargy, fever etc. They may sound some routine ones but please be careful.

Below are some tips one can keep in mind:

First and most common but highly important tip is do not wait till you feel thirsty. Keep having a glass of water every half an hour to one hour. Carry your water wherever you are, even if in an AC office and don’t feel thirsty just keep having few sips of water every now & then. Average intake 2-3 litres a day. A good sign that you are well hydrated is the simple urine check. Just ensure your frequency is good and if the colour of your urine is a dark yellow that means your body is not adequately hydrated.
Besides water, hydrate on other liquids such as, coconut water, fresh juices, nimbu paani, buttermilk, aam pana etc. avoid fizzy drinks as they might just add on calories and do no good to your satisfy you thirst. Also limit your intake of tea, coffee etc.
Go light on your digestive track as even they feel lethargic to digest some heavy foods. So avoid fried foods, sweets, chips, cakes, cookies, also red meat and poultry. Try and opt for foods which have high water content and are low on calories so you can feel good and energetic. They are fruits such as oranges, sweet lime, melons, berries and veggies such as cucumbers, mushroom, tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers etc.
Do not skip your physical activity with the excuses of the high temperature. Rather remember summers are the best time to lose weight as one doesn’t feel like munching every now and then just like in winter season. So eat light, drink plenty and opt for workouts such as swimming, yoga, walks etc. make sure you wear light cotton clothes that let you breathe well.
Make sure you head out with the perfect summer gears like sun screen, sun glasses, light coloured cotton clothing. Avoiding peak time exposure to sun around 2-4pm.
Get adequate rest and ensure 8 hours of sound sleep. Also try and restrict or limit the consumption of alcohol intake as it can really dehydrate ones body.

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