How is food effecting your productivity

Food makes us gleeful! Isn’t it? The mere thought of tempting your taste buds and gulping the delicious delicacies in provides heaven like pleasure. But, are you also aware of the fact that at times a dip in your productivity level is also caused by the food we intake. The food that you eat should not only please your taste buds but also your brain.

According to WHO the productivity level of an individual increased by 20% when adequate amount of nutrition is taken

Glucose acts as a fuel to our body. It tends to be the energy that keeps our brain alert accelerating our span of attention. Gathering glucose is however easier, you can opt for a piece of cake or oats.The cake that you would gulp might provide you a shoot in energy where you would be able to pay attention for say 20-30 minutes and post that the span of your attention shall drop. On the contrary consumption of oats will provide you slow yet steady source of energy. This will let you keep your attention span intact for a longer period of time.

What to eat?

If you wonder what should be eaten anyway in order induce productivity, well here is the answer to your question –

Cashew and Almonds – Nuts are highly advised by the nutritionists. These are rich in selenium which act as anti-oxidants helping in fighting with the free radicals of the body. Presence of free radicals causes oxidant stress in the body leading to mood swings and depressions. This are also useful in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Omega-3 fatty acids is essential for the body. It supports the normalised functioning of the brain enhancing the quality of the brain receptors to comprehend and utilise the brain neurons.

Organic Carrots – Organic carrots are vital since they provide a steady flow of glucose to the brain which is important to carry out our everyday activities.

What not to eat?

Avoid food that is sugary. Sugary food tends to block the leptins from flowing. These leptins are responsible for sending signals to your brain that the stomach is full. High fat food or even sugary food items block the signals of leptin causing over eating and a strong dip in productivity.

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