How is organic food enhancing your health

Do you often feel stressful owing to a hectic work life schedule? Do you think your sleeping cycles and food habits are healthy enough to live another 50 years? Do you think problems like joint pains, diabetes, and cancer can never harm you?
Well, think again!
Reports researched by the Agricultural ministry of India state that there is a two-fold increase in the utilization of pesticides found in sampled vegetables and fruits, above the permitted level since last year. Regular vegetables like cauliflower, chilli, brinjal, okra, and capsicum are being highly loaded with pesticides across the country. Whether it is Delhi, Hyderabad or Mumbai, all cities showed a significant increase in the pesticide residuals found in vegetables and fruits.
The alarming increase in pesticide use that we see is certainly taking a heavy toll on human health.
You may believe that every time you consume your food, you are gaining nutritional value but that is not the case with conventionally grown food items. Being loaded with a number of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides, by the time these vegetables reach us they are loaded with nothing more than just chemicals. These chemicals are not easily washed off and are more often than not, consumed by us.
Pesticides cause neurological disorders. The risk of acquiring Parkinson’s disease is 7% higher for those who are exposed to pesticides in comparison to those who are not. Regular exposure to these pesticides and chemicals often weakens the nervous system.
Cancer is another widespread effect of pesticides. Punjab, which was once the farming focus of India has now turned into a cancer belt thanks to the repeated and exhaustive usage of chemicals and pesticides in their consumables.
Evidence also connects weakened reproductive health with pesticides. Birth defects, poor fetal growth, and fetal defects are few troubles that hazardous pesticides and chemicals bring about.
While medicinal solutions can treat you well, prevention is always better than cure.
Exercise regularly – Exercising regularly helps you gain the balance of your physical and mental health. It refreshes your body and replenishes lost energy. Exercising is a good way of keeping a number of diseases away from your body.
Stay Hydrated – Drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water every day is advisable. A hydrated mind enhances your productivity levels and restores mental peace. Keeping your body hydrated also benefits you in the long run. It enhances your digestive health also. Drinking water at regular intervals is also good for detoxification.
Sound sleep – It is vital for the body to take rest as well. Science suggests that your body needs at least 6-7 hours of sleep every day to function properly the next day. Lack of sleep causes acidity and affects the digestive system and productivity levels.
Eat organic food – Organically grown food items have no traces of pesticides. Owing to this simple fact they are healthier for human consumption. Organic food is usually fresh and devoid of any chemical that brings health hazards to you and your loved ones.
If this is the question that often haunts you then let us clear your query. Organic food items are the ones that are grown without using any kind of chemicals or pesticides. Some natural substances such as composts, cow dung, decayed leaves etc. are used to provide nutrients to the crops. Organic food items are grown with the mentioned fertilizers that enable them to retain their freshness without causing ill effects to your health.
Even pests are controlled using natural methods such as having birds in the vicinity or using insect traps. Organically grown food items are highly important in maintaining the strength of your immune system and embracing a healthy life.
Given the amount of strain individuals go through every day, it is vital for us to eat healthily. While conventionally grown food items are detrimental to our health, it is organic food that certainly guarantees a healthy and promising tomorrow.

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