How is Yoga Beneficial to Your Health

For centuries Yoga has been able to do away with the limitations of the body. Today, numerous people who are trapped in the cobweb of a fast, modern and monotonous life are drawn to Yoga. Practising yoga on a regular basis not only treats you physically but also restores your mental and spiritual well-being. It has a plethora of benefits to offer us, however, the apex aim of yoga is to gain balance and control in one’s life.

The regular practice of yoga tends to realign your body and rejuvenate it from within. It is believed that the imbalance in our physical state tends to make our mental state unbalanced as well. Practising yoga generates optimism in the body and mind, and makes you fit on all levels.

What are the effects of yoga on health?

Corrects posture: Modern haphazard life tends to take a strong toll on our posture. We often don’t even realise until we suddenly notice our spine is badly angled causing changes in the way we walk, sit or stand. Practising yoga helps in correcting incorrect posture.

Muscle strength: It is vital to have strong muscles in the body since they safeguard us from problems like arthritis. Practising yoga rejuvenates muscle strength while increasing flexibility at the same time .

Lowers blood pressure: Those suffering from high blood pressure problems must consider practising yoga. Yoga tends to lower high blood pressure and balance it well. High blood pressure is a key cause of many other ailments.

Bone health: Numerous exercises in Yoga focus on lifting your own weight. This strengthens bones.

Increases blood flow: The relaxation exercises of Yoga such as Shawasan enhance your blood circulation which is necessary to the body. Various postures also let the blood and oxygen rush into your cells. Postures like headstands send the venous blood from the pelvic area and legs back to the heart where it is purified and circulated again.

In order to have a healthy life, it is important to have the much-needed balance on a mental, spiritual and physical level. Yoga is being practised by Indians and Westerners on a wider scale which is a testament to its positive health effects.

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