How ruthlessly is pesticides affecting our body?

Ever since the green revolution has taken place the usage of pesticides and chemicals in order to enhance the production is has grown horrifically. The usage has scaled up to such an extent that these pesticides and other chemical residues are easily encountered in soil, water, air and animals making their ways directly to us.

How is pesticides making way through the body?

There are numerous ways in which these deadly chemicals are making their ways through the body. Often the contact is direct but again, there are several times when these pesticides enter the body.

Direct access through unwashed vegetables and fruits – sometimes the ignorance helps in letting these dangerous entrants enter the body. Eating and cooking without thoroughly washing them is strictly not a viable option.

Excessive usage of pesticides – at times the sprinkling and pouring of these chemical contents turns out to be excess. The excess chemicals seep inside the fruits which is later on consumed by us.

Mingling with soil and water – there are heavier chances of pesticides being mingled with the water resources and soil. This further contaminates the land and water resources. It shall make a way into our body if we source our drinking water from the same water resource.

Deteriorate the health of cattle – They aid to deteriorate the health of cattle by poisoning water, grasses and soil. This also contaminates the products that we acquire from them such as milk and meat.

What are the disastrous effects?

– Pesticides are determined and designed to kill the breeding of pests, fungus and insects. They are poisonous enough to kill these rodents and insects which tend to ravage the fields. However, their effect is not finite to plants and insects but also humans.

– Pesticides give arise to chronic health ailments such as allergic reactions or cancer. It has also seen that they contribute in causing respiratory disorders like asthma and also hamper the functioning of kidney and liver.

Some of the noxious pesticides that cause complications –

Even though there are several pesticides that are banned in some countries here we are throwing the light on two majorly used pesticides ad their destructive effects.

BetaHCH – It is used as pesticides in various crop fields. Majorly this pesticides is use in cotton plantation to keep the pests and rodents away. Researches prove that breathing in the toxic amount of this particular pesticide can result into disorder related to blood, dizziness as well as headaches. The atrocities of this particular pesticide is such that a considerable intake can even cause kidney or liver disorder.

Dieldrin – Dieldrin is yet another pesticide that increases in its concentration as it moves upwards in the food chain. It is most possibly used to keep control over the soil insects. It is one of the most persisting chemical compound which is another reason why it is banned. Medical has constructed a link between this pesticide and ailments such as breast cancer and nervous damage.

How can you avoid pesticides?

Make sure that you don’t consume the items without thoroughly washing them off.
It is also advised to peel off the outer layer of fruits and vegetables as it carries maximum amount of pesticides
Eating organically grown food items can also safeguard you from malicious pesticides.

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