Know Organic Black Rice Benefits

Known for its health benefits, organic black rice marks its origin in China. In ancient times, only Royal families of China were allowed to eat it as it was rare and nutritious. Hence, it is also known as ‘forbidden rice’ as it was forbidden for the masses.

How Organic Black Rice is helpful to you:

  1. Loaded with Anti-Oxidants – Organic black rice is loaded with anti-oxidants that help in combatting free radicals. These free radicals are usually responsible for diseases like cancer.
  2. Dietary fibres – Dietary fibres are responsible for the smooth digestion of food. Unprocessed black rice eaten along with bran adds insoluble bulk to your body. This further generates the feeling of fullness. Irritable bowel syndrome is another disorder that can be easily sorted by consuming organic black rice.
  3. For diabetic patients – Organic Black rice has a low sugar content, which makes it ideal for diabetic patients. Moreover, it aids in keeping the blood sugar level constant.
  4. Best for weight loss – If your weight loss woes still haunt you, one should consider switching to organic black rice soon. It has a low-calorie content which enables you to manage your weight well. Additionally, it also contains carbohydrates that would keep you energetic throughout the day.
  5. Fights inflammation – If there is any inflammation in the body, the black bran rice helps in dealing with this.
  6. Healthy liver – Being a responsible organ for converting food into nutrients, a healthy liver is extremely vital for a healthy lifestyle. Organic black rice helps take care of your liver due to its high anti-oxidant content
  7. Cognitive boost – Consuming considerable amounts of organic black rice helps in giving a boost to your memory. Oxidative stress contributes to memory impairment, however, being rich in anti-oxidants, organic black rice helps in dealing with this problem.

Organic Black Rice carries numerous health benefits. It takes longer than others to cook. However, soaking it before cooking, for 2-3 hours, conserves cooking time. The rest of the cooking steps remain similar to that of white rice.

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