Lessons taken together where teaching-learning is a matter of contribution.

“I make it a point to visit here each year. The kids are growing year after year and I can see them turning into beautiful human beings” says Priyanka, a teaching volunteer.

Our recent exploration of the city took us to the porters of tomorrow. Located in the hustling bustling market of Colaba, this small Municipal School promises a broader and brighter future. With the guidance of an NGO named ‘Door Step School’ Organization a small, short and simple program was arranged wherein we volunteered.

Established in the year 1989, The Door Step School constantly aims at addressing literacy issues amongst the marginalized sections of the society. Not only does it provide education to the underprivileged city dwellers, it also organizes activities with municipality schools from time to time.

This 4-hour long event catered to various requirements of a child, especially related to all-round development in the educational field. The organization understands the impact of practical learning on a child’s mind. The design of various stalls was created while keeping these requirements in mind. A variety of competitions such as recognizing body parts, storytelling, story writing, and puppet shows were held to keep the children entertained and enhance the teaching-learning experience throughout.

We believe in keeping the mind and body healthy and that is what we try to do through our organic products. We understand the value of education as the development of a better tomorrow. Therefore, The Organic Garden decided to dedicate one working day to these tiny tots.

The love and care fostered amongst the kids beautified the whole event. It indeed took us back to the memory lane of our school days. However, it also made us feel indebted to our parents for providing us with good education and a respectful life. As a part and parcel of the society that is moving ahead, The Organic Garden too believes in giving the society back.

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