Natural Food and Organic Food What is the Difference?

These day market is loaded with labels that are termed to be “organic” or “natural”. While many of us struggle to figure out basic difference between the two little is known that there is huge difference that exists. No matter how alterable they sound to one another yet there is a lot more in between that make them unalterable to one another.

The natural food is actually assumed to be food that is less processes and do not contain any hormones, anti-biotic or artificial flavours. The food that claims to satisfy all the above mentioned parameters are termed to be natural. There is an absence of rules and regulations when it comes to “natural” food items. Most of the times manufacturers places the label in order to attract the consumers and absence of any supervising body makes the matter worse.

Subsequently on the contrary organic food items adhere to the system and has stringent rules and regulation to follow. Under strict control from government front the food that is labelled organic guarantees no presence of toxic, synthetic pesticides, toxic herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

The organic food items as assured and backed by the government intervention which makes them trust worthy. The manufacturers are abided to acquire several sets of certificates in order to sell organic products in the market. The government furthermore provides assurance with respect to the products that they are grown and processed without the use of toxic chemicals or synthetically grown hormones.

In addition Organic food is the most regulated system of food on the other hand natural food products are established company by company themselves.

Sadly, people prefer natural food items because they tend to believe that excessive processing of food items disturb the health benefits however little is known about organic food. The food that is grown organically also have longer shelf life comparatively than natural food items. Under strong support of government the organic farmers grow organic food items which is not the case with natural food items.

Products that simply do not contain added colour, flavour or synthetic substances are termed as natural food whilst the produce that is produced through organic farming is termed as organic food items. The natural food items are readily available whereas when it comes to organic food not everyone can acquire the certificate.

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