One Day Workshop on Organic Farming in Manipur

The recently held one day workshop on organic farming was themed ‘A sustainable livelihood in Manipur’. This function was attended by Thangmeiband AC MLA Kh Joykishan and organised by Dr. Th Krishna Foundation of Horticulture and Soil conservation with the aim of spreading awareness about organic food items.

The major highlight of the workshop was to make the farmers aware about organic farming. It is vital for consumers as well as farmers to understand the significance of organic food items. Social worker Indira Oinam, CEO of Directorate of Horticulture and Soil Conservation, Dr Devadutta Sharma and Regional Centre of Organic Farming Senior Scientist Dr V Pandey also attended the function as presidium members.

There are various diseases such as cancer and other ailments related to the lungs and stomach that can occur if excessive pesticides and chemicals make way into the body. It was highlighted that dry fish, ngari and fermented bamboo are no longer safe to consume. Given the amount of pesticides these plants and aquatic organisms get drenched in, getting ill on consumption is the least of your concerns. It was also highlighted that unknowingly, people are consuming fertilisers and chemicals in the name of food. It was also bought under the scan that fish and meat too have urea traces that can easily lead to chronic diseases like cancer or diabetes.

Additionally, it was discussed that organic farmers should be given more incentives, both monetary and non-monetary in order to boost their confidence in organic farming and encourage them to grow more organic fruits, and other crops.

As the food items in India are statistically carrying a large amount of pesticides and chemicals, it won’t be a hyperbole to say that ‘we are not eating the food, the food is eating us’

The government is on the verge of taking much needed measures to promote organic food products and reduce the limit of pesticides being used on crops. Eating organic food not only nourishes you with nutrients but also prevents chemically caused side effects.


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