Organic Farming and Healthy Lifestyle

There is no doubting the fact that Organic farming is a means to a healthy lifestyle. It is not only healthy for the end consumer, who eats organic products, but is also healthy for the farmers growing the organic food. It is healthy to the countless organisms which live in the environment. It also keeps the environment i.e. soil, air and water, clean and unpolluted by not leaving any toxic residues in it.

Over the years, with the shift from natural farming (chemical-less) to conventional farming (which started about 50 years ago), we have been polluting the environment, with these toxic chemicals. They remain in the environment for a considerable period of time. This poses as a heavy risk and danger to the living things that knowingly or unknowingly enter the polluted surroundings where this chemical farming is being done. Some of these chemicals also spread in far off areas and cause damage to the unsuspecting population who frequent these areas.

Some of the farmers who partake in chemical farming, are also aware of the damage these chemicals can do to them and their families, but are still doing it. They are doing it because they are under the impression that if they do not use chemicals for farming, their crop yield will be low and their crops will be destroyed by pests.

Finally comes the turn of the consumers who are eating these chemical laden foods. They are aware to a certain extent about the damage such food can cause to them and their families. But many a times they do not have an option, as organic food is not available in their neighbourhood. Some places in urban areas do provide organic food, but by and large, it is not available to all consumers.

Secondly as the organic farmers are not getting quality organic inputs to use in their farms, they are unable to grow quality food. Most of the times, this organic food, looks inferior as compared to the conventional food grown with chemicals. Many a times, such organic food is smaller in size, often looking shrivelled and deformed, which deters the consumer from buying them.

Here the Government and Private companies have a major role to play. They have to provide organic farmers with quality organic inputs.

Speaking on health, this chemical food, causes heavy damage to the health of the people. Some of these damages are acute effects, that are seen immediately on consumption. But what should be of more concern is the chronic damage on the consumers health, that becomes evident only after a period of time. This could be months, or even years after the exposure. Some of the acute damages could be nausea, vomiting, headache, nervousness, uncontrolled muscle movements, faintness and collapse. Some of the chronic effects that may result is toxicity to the liver and kidneys, which may damage these organs and disable their proper functioning. Diabetes, hypertension, cancer and birth defects, could also result from chronic exposure to these chemicals through our food.

There is no doubt that if one has to maintain a healthy life style one has to adhere to eating chemical less food, which can only be produced by organic farming. Governments, apart from providing viable organic inputs to the organic farmers, should also run campaigns in the media that will convince the consumer of the importance of organic food. This will create a demand for organic food, and once there is demand, more farmers will start producing more organic food. This will ensure that people will have such produce available in and around where they live. This will result in farmers switching to organic production, thereby resulting in good health of the farmer, the consumer and also the environment.

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