Organic Way from Fit to Fitter

We all wish to look fitter and slimmer without a doubt. While many of us prepare diet and workout regimes we hardly follow them well. But, do you know there are some food items that can aid you in reducing belly fats? You are also required to exercise and indulge in physical activities like sports and yoga as only a good healthy diet is not enough to give you that chiselled body you wish to attain.

Staying hydrated and filling yourself with ample water is vital. A number of health issues can be sorted by just drinking enough fluids. Drinking enough water regularly is also good for your skin and hair. Additionally, it also aids in detoxifying the body.

Working out is vital step toward fitness. Merely concentrating on diets and not doing any physical exercise probably isn’t going to be that helpful.

Find out the exercises that suit you best. In usual cases, it is best to jog or walk on a daily basis.


  1. Organic Spinach – This powerhouse of nutrients has a lot to offer. Being loaded with proteins and iron, organic spinach is your partner in fitness. It is best to consume organic spinach as much as you can since they contribute actively to your level of fitness.
  2. Organic Kale – Similar to spinach, even organic kale is considered fitness food. Adding them to your diet is highly beneficial for your physical fitness.
  3. Organic Cucumber – Cucumber is an element that completes your plate of salad. Not only that, it is an ideal snack during summers which helps in reducing the belly fat. Cucumbers contain a lot of water, that enables the stomach to stay fuller and more satiated. Another plus point is that it is low in calories.
  4. Organic Lettuce – Organic lettuce should be inculcated in your salad as often as possible. These leaves are filled with dietary fibres that help your system retain their proper functionalities.
  5. Organic Apples – Organic apple is a major source of nutrients that is packed with fibres. These fibres not only aid in digestion, but also make you feel full. This feeling of fullness, when sent to your brain, makes you eat less, thus slimming down your belly.
  6. Organic Water Melons – Just like cucumbers, even watermelons are filled up with water, making you feel fuller. They also remove excess sodium from the body, which is again helpful in maintaining a healthy body. Organic water melons are filled with approximately 85% water, which helps keep us hydrated.
  7. Organic Bananas – Organic Bananas have a high potassium content. Consuming bananas makes you feel fuller, which would cause you to eat fewer meals. Organic bananas are also loaded with energising carbohydrates that are essential for the body.
  8. Organic Carrots – Organic Carrots are power packed with complex carbohydrates as well as potassium, that help in reenergizing the body.

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