Organically grown food victorious over the poison in your plate

lying right on your plate in the form of any delicious cuisines. While many of us have already shifted themselves to the organic food, some of us are still stuck with conventionally grown food items little realising how harshly they are playing with their own health.

Here is why you need to read on to figure out how merciless usage of pesticides and other chemicals are not just degrading nutritional value of the crops but also harming the environment.

Firstly the pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals used to avoid crops from rotting pollute the water supply. They seep into the soil degrading the quality of land as well. There are nasty health conditions associated with these chemicals. Ailments like cancer and various infections can be caused. The gradual consumption of these chemicals in our daily food can also cause weight gain, headache. It can also further lead to digestive problems, especially in infants and kids.

The conventionally grown crops carry chemicals that don’t get washed off with water too which makes the entry of these chemicals inevitable. The major cause of concern is, however, the increase in free radicals into your blood stream. The free radicals are however resisted by the body to a point post which they begin to attack our healthy cells. Attacks on healthy cells bring us to problems like premature ageing and even cancer.

This evil of producing more and faster than natural process has taken and gulped in entire Punjab. The horrendous usage of pesticides and chemicals is the reason why Punjab is being called as the cancer belt.

Do we have a solution?

Organically grown fruits, vegetables and grocery items are free from any kind pesticides or chemicals for that matter. The crops grown organically are good for human health as well as for the environment. Organically grown crops don’t contaminate the soil, water or air in any way in fact it retains the fertility of the land for the longer period.

Buying organic food is in a way a promise that you make to yourself and your family about a healthy tomorrow.

Like Rama won over Ravana, we can combat with this evil too. Pledging that we would only eat organic food. Every time when you persuade yourself to buy and eat organic, you are actually making your bit towards saving the depletingenvironment and health of the society.

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