Paneer Pakodas – Ultimate Monsoon Yum

We all know that monsoon and hot pakodas are a great combination, but pakodas are also fattening. When stuck with such a dilemma, what can be better than a hot plate of delicious paneer pakodas made with healthy organic maida. The paneer pakodas are quite easy to prepare and make an idle evening snack.


Cottage cheese (paneer)
Organic refined wheat flour (maida)
Red chili powder
Dried mango powder
Cooking soda


1: Cut the cottage cheese in slices or cubes.
2: Take a bowl to mix organic maida, water, salt, chili powder and the dried mango powder.
3: Add cooking soda and salt
4: Heat the oil in a vessel(kadai)
5: Add the paneer cubes to the mixture and then deep fry them.

TIP: Serve on a perfect monsoon evening


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