Puran Poli of Mango pulp

• Mango pulp: 2 bowls
• Powdered sugar: as per taste
• Wheat: 1 bowl
• Maida: 1 Bowl
• Elaichi powder, Kesar: As per taste
• Pure ghee: As per need
• Edible Oil: 2 tea spoons


1: Make thick mango pulp by heating the mango for a while in non-sticky pan.
2: As the pulp starts turning into a thick dove, add some powdered sugar, Elaichi powder and Kesar into it.
3: Keep it well spread in the utensil to avoid getting it moist. This is your Puran.
4: Mix wheat, maida, a pinch of salt and edible oil and make an even dove for rotis.
5: Add the Mango Puran in the wheat dove and start making rotis.
6: Fry these Puran Polis to make them a little crispy, and serve along with pure ghee.

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