Organic Red Rice 1Kg

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Organic Red Rice 1Kg

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The organic red rice is rich in taste. There are various cuisines in which the organic red rice is used. It helps in fighting with diseases like asthama and obesity. Consumption of the organic red rice is often suggested by the doctors.

Nutrition Fact


Nutritional Value of Organic Red Rice

Nutritional Information per 100g
Serving size 1/3 cup (60g dry)
Components % Daily vaue *
Calories 200Kcal 3%
Total Fat 2 gm
Saturated fat 0 gm
Trans fat 0 gm
Cholesterol 0 gm 0%
Sodium 0 gm 0%
Potassium 0 gm 4%
Total Carbohydrate 43 gm 14%
Dietary Fibre 3 gm 10%
Sugar 1 gm
Protein 6 gm 13%
Iron 6%                                                                                    Maganese 120%
Phosphorum 20%                                                                    Magnesium 20%
Molydbenum 35%                                                                   Selenium 4%
Zinc 8%
*percent daily value as per 2000 calories diet
Health Benefits


The organic red rice tend to lower down the level of cholesterol and it also contains Vitamin B which is useful for mental health . It can also lower down the risk of heart disease . It also lowers down the risk of obesity and helps in fighting with Asthama



Red rice pysum
Ingredients – Organic red rice, cashew, sugar, milk, cashew, cardamom powder, ghee
1. Wash the rice and grind it in the grinder
2. Fry some cashew in ghee
3. Add milk in pressure cooker along with sugar and rice. Let it cook for some time.
4. Add friend cashews and cardamom powder.



Drop a steel small plate or spoon in your cooker to ensure that milk does not spill.



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