Organic Apple (Shimla) 1kg

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Organic Apple (Shimla) 1kg

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These Himachal apples are seasonal fruits bought specially to you. These apples are sweeter and juicy. The quality of these apples belongs to that of an apex one. We ensure that we bring in these organic Himalayan apples to you without any trace of chemical or pesticide

NOTE – Customers, please take note that the fruits and packet size shown on the website are prone to change in terms of their weight and packs. Owing to this fact your order might differ in weight leading to the addition of some extra charges on the order that you have placed. For example – If the cost of 1kg musk melon is 60/- and the weight is 1kg 100g then you will be charge Rs.60/- plus the charge of 100g.

Nutrition Fact


A 100g of himachal apples carries 52 calories and 1% of vitamin A . It also contains 7% of vitamin C , and 9% of dietary fibres .

Health Benefits


Eating apples regularly helps you prevent various cancers . It is also good for diabetes . Researchers also claim that apples tend to whiten your teeth.



Apple Dip
Ingredients – Brown sugar, package cheese cream, vanilla extract
1. Stir the brown sugar, package cheese cream and vanilla extract
2. Dip and lick with apple slices

Add grated almonds



Chemical compound present in apples tend to give good dreams at night hence it is advisable to drink apple juice in bed time



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