Organic French Beans (Farasbee / Ghevda) 300gm

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Organic French Beans (Farasbee / Ghevda) 300gm

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The organic French beans (farasbee) available with The Organic Garden is 100% natural and free from pesticides. The French beans are largely used since it provides health benefits to a larger extent. Being a green veggie the organic French beans are loaded with nutrients that are essential for the growth of the body.

Organic French beans are completely tested and it is ensured that a strict quality control is done on the basis of various parameters.

NOTE – Customers please take note that the vegetable packet size shown on the website are prone to change in terms of their weight and packs. Owing to this fact your order might differ in weight leading to addition of some extra charges on the order that you have placed.
For example – If the cost of 1kg musk melon is 60/- and the weight is 1kg 100g then you will be charge Rs.60/- plus the charge of 100g.

Nutrition Fact


A 100 gm of organic French beans is loaded with 27% of Vitamin C and 5-6% of Vitamin B-6. The vegetable is also loaded with various other nutrients such as magnesium and dietary fibres.

Health Benefits


Consumption of organic French beans prevents colon cancer as well as controlling diabetes. Consumption of organic French beans also takes care of bone and eye health.



Mushroom and Onion Mix
Ingredients – Onion, salt, black pepper, mushroom, milk, organic French beans, salt, olive oil, all purpose floor
1. Add onion, all purpose flour and salt
2. Add oil and heat it for a while
3. Put it in plate
4. Wipe the container and add oil
5. Cook mushrooms in the container
6. Add floor, milk, salt and pepper and stir it well
7. Once the mixture is thickened add the organic French beans



Serve with garlic breads and dessert



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