Snack Smart

With such crazy, hectic lives that we lead, where does one have the time to even think about snacking in between. Just getting to eat our main meals peacefully becomes such a challenge. In reality, 3-4 small snacks in between your meals can give you energy and increase your metabolism, helping you to reduce weight and burn fat. WAIT!! there is a catch here. When we say snacking in between, we mean healthy snacks which are high in fibre and protein. Not junk like samosas, vadas, chaat, pizzas etc. A person’s eating style is what determines the quality of their health. It is not difficult if you set your mind to it and decide to live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy organic snacks, which you can carry with you so as to not look out for unhealthy tempting options which may affect your health adversely. Let’s look at some healthy organic options that are easy to carry as well.

Fruits: Fruits are those foods that grow naturally on earth with natural vitamins and minerals, giving you energy on the go. They are a powerhouse of fuel that your body requires, to sustain and work. They are easy to carry and eat even when you are travelling or setting out for a blink of a wink break. Especially if they are organic, you can be sure that you are consuming the best fruits devoid of wax, pesticides and antibiotics.

Nuts: Nuts on the other hand are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. They have good fats and are filling, and can be easily kept in your pocket to be munched on even during an important meeting. You can even stock them in your bag, on your desk or in your drawer to make organic nuts an awesome mid meal snack option.

Sprouts: Again, easy to prepare and carry. All you need to do is just steam them, add cucumber, tomatoes, onions, lime and chaat masala and there you go with a healthy protein, fibre and vitamin C rich snack. You can use a variety of sprouts like moong, moth, rajmah, chana or even a mixture of all these. Chose organic pulses and sprouts to make sure you get the maximum nutrition out of them.

Boiled eggs: High in protein, vitamin A and vitamin D, they are excellent, filling snacks which help your muscles and cells repair themselves. If you are weight conscious, you can opt for more egg whites and less of the yolk. The only thing you need to do it is, peel them when you want to eat them so that they remain fresh. You can also have them in forms like omelettes or scrambled making them high in fiber as well.

Cucumber/carrots: These veggies are easy to carry, stock and eat. Just add some chaat masala and lemon and enjoy these fibre rich organic veggies without adding too many calories to your daily diet. They are filling and nourishing at the same time and keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Stock your bag and desk with these foods to make your eating style a healthy one even while snacking.

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