Sweet Corn Soup – Warm up Before The Main Course

Sweet corn recipe – A perfect warm up before the main course

Sweet corns are lovingly eaten across the globe. In various cousins sweet corns are used to churn out the best that can tempt your taste buds. In some parts of the world like India, sweet corns are roasted and eaten, sometimes they are used in soups and sweets and occasionally they are put in salads.

It depends upon you, how you would like to gulp it in but we believe sweet corns are best when made into a soup!


Organic sweet corns
Vegetable stock
Cabbage and carrot
Pepper and salt
Corn flour

Heat the oil for some time put grated cabbage along with carrots in it
Add onion and mix it well
Add organic chopped celery along with vegetable stock
Add salt and pepper, putting sweet corns in it
Let it boil
Add corn flour into it to thicken it
Let it boil more
Garnish the sweet corn soup with organic spring onions
TIP – In the absence of vegetable stock add water and milk

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