Things you don’t know a lemon can do

“When life gives you lemons” is a cliché term we get to hear every time in every nook and corner however have you ever thought of these lemons practically and quite literally? Well, when life gives you lemons this is how you got to use them!

Organic Lemons are richly loaded with skin lightening properties and vitamin C that is essential for maintaining our body and a good health.

Getting rid of dark spots – A lot of us often complain about dark spots on their face that ends up messing with the confidence. While a lot of products are being loaded in market, you should look at what your fridge stores. Applying the lemon juice over the affected area can let you lighten it.

organic lemon

Reduces acne – Acne is a skin condition majority of us are dealing with. The endless methods never turn out to be useful. Try applying the lemon juice on the acne prone area regularly and you will be able to see the evident results just in few days.

Lightening the pimple marks – Pimple marks is one of the few common skin problems we all face. While we manage to get rid of the pimple often it manages to stain the face. Rubbing the lemon rind on the affected area of your face on regular basis. Then rinse it off with warm water.

Discoloured elbows – Who dislikes having milky white skin? While we don’t promote fairness as a standard of beauty but cleanliness is vital isn’t it? Discoloured elbows turn out to be a major turn off to the people. You need to rub the lemon rind over your elbows on regularly basis.

Skin moisturiser – Mixing lemon juice with coconut oil give you a better moisturiser. It heals your skin on multiple layers making it look more radiant and hydrated. On applying it regularly one tends to get lighter skin tone as well as moisturised skin.

Exfoliating lips – It is important to exfoliate the lips to gain that perfect pout. Exfoliate your lips using lemon juice every night and let it rest on your lips till morning. You can wipe it off with cotton ball later on. This removes the dead skin cells from your lips making it look extremely healthy and soft.

You can also prepare a syrup of sugar and lemon juice and apply it over your face. It will exfoliate your skin making it feel glowing and radiant.

There are numerous combinations happen to be with lemons that answers all your skin queries. Lemon along with potato juice, tomato juice and sandalwood can help in skin lightening similarly, mixing lemon with glycerine and milk can make a good anti-ageing agent.

If you know any other benefit that the small but mighty lemons help in sorting. Shoot it in the comment below!

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