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Has your favorite added to this list? Let’s find out..

We do come across two categories of people. Some are ones who love munching vegetables while the other ones run away from vegetables as far as they can. But, this goes without saying that organic vegetables do carry nutritional advancements that are essential for the development.

Let us take a glance over these 26 healthiest vegetables.

organic vegetables

1. Lady finger – Also known as Okra has high fiber content. This enables the smooth functioning of the digestion process. Organic lady’s finger also aid in preventing diabetes. Being filled with vitamin K it primarily enhances the blood clotting process and also strengthens the bone.

2. Broccoli – De-detoxification process can be carried using the organic broccolis. Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also assist in safeguarding against cancer. It also takes care of your cardiovascular health.

3. Beetroots – Originally organic beet was cultivated by Romans. Being on the sources of attaining sucrose, it is considered healthy. This root vegetable helps in detoxification of the body time to time. It is also low in fats and calories which make it healthy for the heart health.

4. Microgreens – There is abundance of vitamin C in organic micro greens which makes it one of the healthiest vegetables it is often used for salads. These are also loaded with Beta-carotene which is again essential for the eye health.

5. Red Bell Pepper – Organic red bell peppers are good at delivering antioxidants to the body which then battles with free radicals. These are also low in calories which help your manage your weight.

6. Cauliflower – Organic cauliflowers are known significantly to improve the flow of blood pressure and kidney functioning. It also owns anti-inflammatory properties which are essential. In order to detoxify your body, organic cauliflower is useful.

7. Coriander – Being the best source of vitamin c, fibers and manganese coriander is highly beneficial to the body. It also aids to stimulate insulin secretion which is helpful to the diabetic patients. It is also good for the menstrual health of a woman.

8. Peas – Weight management issues are easily sorted with organic peas. It regulates the blood sugar level and keeps it under control. It also facilitates the bowel movement. Organic peas also enhance good cholesterol.

9. Tomatoes – Eating Organic tomatoes reduces your chances of being prone to heart diseases. Tomatoes are great at improving digestion and preventing constipation. Even it also contributes to enhancing the appearance of the hair and skin.

10. Asparagus – Asparagus is rich in anti-oxidants which help in countering the free radicals that damage cell membranes. It is also taken as a brain booster. Vitamin A, C, E are some of the other nutrients that are loaded.

11. Celery – it is well known to treat high blood pressure. Organic celery also prevents the ulcer. It also protects the liver health alongside boosts the functioning of digestion and avoids blotting.

12. Cabbage – The vital minerals present in organic cabbage tends to be an important brain food. It further assists in weight loss as well as takes the care of eye health. Being a great source of calcium it also keeps the bone health under check.

13. Organic Cluster Beans – Organic cluster beans are good for diabetic patients especially. It keeps the blood pressure under check. Being rich in iron organic cluster beans are helpful in facilitating the blood circulation too.

14. Organic Pumpkin – Organic pumpkins are well known to enhance your eyesight. It also makes you feel fuller and lowers your blood pressure level. It safeguards against cancer and protects the skin as well.

15. Organic green beans – these are also known as French beans to some. They protect us against cardiovascular diseases and improves the level of blood fat.

16. Sweet Potatoes – Organic sweet potatoes are the good source of Vitamin C. Additionally, they are loaded with iron and heavily supports immunity system. Another virtue of sweet potatoes is that it doesn’t cause sugar spikes in the body.

17. Bitter gourd – Organic bitter gourd is good for the diabetic patients. Regular intakes avoid imbalanced blood sugar levels. It is also rich in anti-oxidants which remove the toxic substances from the body.

18. Radish – Radish is good for liver and stomach health. It helps the body in getting rid of the toxic materials. Urinary disorders can also be sorted with organic radish. Weight loss would also be aided using the radish.

19. Capsicum – Organic capsicums have anti-inflammatory properties and additionally it is also good for diabetes. Relief from the symptoms of menopause is also dealt with organic capsicum.

20. Drumsticks – Organic drumsticks are good for healthier bones. For pregnancy and lactation drumsticks are highly recommended. It also has anti-bacterial qualities which avoid infection.

21.Brussels sprouts – These provide bone-building vitamin K essentially to the body. Boosting of immunity system with vitamin C is also done by Brussels sprouts.

22. Brinjal – Organic brinjals are quite helpful in providing the protection to the cell membrane. It is also good at keeping your scalp healthy plus cleansing your skin. Another significant benefit is that organic brinjal tends to remove excess iron from the body.

23. Onions – Widely used as toppings, dressings and salad organic onions are the must for a balanced diet. It aids in developing the bone density. The blood sugar balance is also taken care of by the organic onions.

24. Carrots – Well known for eye health organic carrots are widely recommended as they are the major source of vitamin A. it is also loaded with fibre which enables proper bowel movement in the body.

25. Kale – Kale belongs to the cabbage family and mostly used as salads. These exotic vegetables come with nutrients that are rich in vitamin A and K. it is, however, good in order to take care of your eye health.

26. Spinach – The origin of organic spinach is tracked in ancient Persian times. These desirable leafy vegetables come with minerals like iron which assists in taking a good care of the body. It is well known for uplifting the quality of the blood.

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