What are the benefits of Organic Groundnut oil

There are numerous types of oils that are used for a variety of purposes that range right from massaging to cooking. It is important to consume oil as it provides the necessary fatty acids to the body. However, oil does contain a high amount of calories, which is the reason people are cautious when it comes to its consumption.

Derived through Organic methods namely cold press, this Organic Groundnut oil carries numerous health benefits –

Joint pains – If you suffer from regular joint pain, then massaging with organic Groundnut oil on regular basis would help relax your joints. It provides relief to the muscles, as it is enriched with Vitamin E. The presence of Vitamin E makes the oil ideal for good skin and better health.

High blood pressure – A lot of us suffer from blood pressure problems. This oil is innate with monosaturated fats that aid in keeping blood pressure levels under control. People suffering from high blood pressure are more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Hence, groundnut oil, especially which is cold pressed and pesticide free, is advised patients.

Skin friendly – Acne marks are known to bring the layman’s confidence down. If acne is a skin condition you are facing on a regular basis, then this oil will definitely be beneficial to you. Take a few drops in a bowl and add lime juice; apply the mixture over the affected areas regularly and you shall soon witness the difference.

Digestion enhancement – The process of digestion effects all the other processes of body function, and thus it is advisable to strengthen the digestive system to strengthen the other systems of the body. Organic peanut oil enhances the process of digestion and provides relief from digestion related issues such as constipation.

Building body – Being a rich source of protein, regular and moderate consumption of this oil can help you build a muscular body. It strengthens your muscles by supplying an adequate amount of protein to the body.

Improve insulin levels – Diabetic patients suffer from inadequate production of insulin. The consumption of groundnut oil improves insulin levels in the body and is very beneficial to patients suffering from diabetes.

Skin care – The cold pressed peanut oil also works wonders when it comes to skin care. It is found in baby products such as wipes that need to be delicate on the baby’s skin. It carries nourishing and moisturising properties making it an ideal item for skincare.

Dandruff issues – Dandruff issues are quite common. Dryness and itchiness of the scalp is caused due to lack of proper nutrients. Applying (shengdana) peanut oil along with tea tree oil and lemon juice will solve your dandruff related issues.

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