What Makes The Wheat Grass Anti-cancer

Finding its origins in history dating back to more than 5000 years, wheat grass has been popular for a long time. The benefits of wheat grass are immense. Being consumed in the form of juices and powders, organic wheat grass carries numerous health benefits. It consists of chlorophyll, amino acid, minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which makes it a powerhouse of nutrients.

Organic Wheatgrass is rich in Anti-Oxidants: Anti-Oxidants neutralise cancer causing free radicals. They prevent, or at least slow down the growth of cancer in body. It contains the Anti-Oxidant enzyme SOD (Superocide Dimutase) which converts free radicals into oxygen molecules and prevents cancer.

Organic Wheatgrass contains Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll protects against various chemical carcinogens found in fungus contaminated nuts and grains. The toxic material created by overtly cooked meat is also chemically carcinogenic. Chlorophyll blocks the metabolism of chemicals that damage DNA. By preventing DNA damage, cancer growth is inhibited.

Chlorophyll is effective in aiding cancer treatment and has potent antioxidant properties. Taking chlorophyll before or at the meal time reduces the carcinogenic effects of food greatly. Researchers have found that chlorophyll has the same molecular structure as haemoglobin.


Scientist argue that consuming organic wheat grass immediately tends to provide more nutrients, however theories say that it is best taken 4 hours after cutting since the ABA content (Abscisic Acid) is highest at that time. Abscisic acid is a prime supplement in treating cancer.

Hence, the best way is to split the organic wheat grass into two parts. Consume one part immediately in the form of juice and take part two four hours later. In this way you will gain all the benefits it can provide.

Wheat grass benefits are immense and it is one of the ways of preventing and treating cancer.

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